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to much more expensive ▓private schools, she said.Xie said there is a popular saying in Shanghai that "if students do not go to 

private middle and high schools, they will end up in a private college".Almost all good unive▓rsities i

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n China are public ones.Her son attends five after-school tutoring classes, one each in painting, English and piano and two in mathematics, and the family s

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pends around 100,000 yuan ($15,9▓00) a year on such classes."When it comes to education, every family is a 'rich' family," she said.Xi▓e Meng, the mother of a

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fourth-grade pu▓pil in Beijing, shares the same doubts about reducing academic workload.When the school day ends so early, at 3:30 pm, working parents have

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no choice but to send their children to after-school tutoring classes, she said."It is better to attend tutoring classes after school than sit home and play video games," she said.Her son is interested in mathematical Olympiads, yet the math ▓classes in schools rarely cover advanced concepts because they are considered too difficult for most students.Many mathematical Olympiad training classes had ▓been shut down recently, she said, which made it more difficult for her son to develop his skills in that area.Strong demand from parents

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